Shirley Tomlinson’s ‘Thank You’ in verse!

The following poem was written by Shirley Tomlinson after our Summer Concert in June 2016. Shirley writes her own poems and performs them at local events, including at some of our concerts!

“I’ve just been to a concert                                            With the Sefton Ladies Choir,                                      And their varied music programme                          Was all we could desire.

Their ‘Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy’                                   Set all our feet a.tapping,                                         Evoking happy memories                                       Reflected in our clapping.

Then on to gentler pieces –                                             Folk songs and ‘Brigadoon’                                         Roller coaster of emotions                                             Stirred by these lovely tunes.

Les Mis’ songs spoke of sadness                                   But no sooner did they fade                                         Than the mood completely altered-                               An emotional tirade                                                     Made us want to sing the Marseillaise                       And man the barricades!

From ‘Happy Day’ to ‘Annie’s Song’                               With expertise so sure                                                     We visited ‘South Pacific’                                                     And washed our hair once more.

And what of Ceri Williams?                                           Not averse to dressing up!                                             How we admired his flowery bra                                       With the extra spacious cup.

Of his brilliant musicianship                                               We couldn’t get enough.                                                   As a South Pacific maiden –                                             He sure can strut his stuff!

A truly magic evening,                                                       Thanks -Sefton Ladies Choir,                                         And your inspirational leader Lynne                                 Who sets you all on fire.”

Thanks Shirley – such a brilliant tribute – we love you too!!


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